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Welcome to Auto Approved List

Do you own scrapebox, xrumer,sick submitter,amr or bookmarking demon? You need quality auto approve lists, forum lists, pligg list, .edu, .gov, dofollow, high PR, proxies…

We use multiple servers around the world that run 24/7 for harvesting and compiling autoapprove blog lists, forum linklists, pligg lists and many more.

You can download instantly:

  • Auto approve list
  • High PR auto Approve list
  • Edu & .GOV Auto Approve list
  • DoFollow Auto approve List
  • Xrumer list
  • Bookmarking list
  • Social Network list
  • Article list
  • Directories list
  • Wiki list
  • Guestbook list
  • And more …

We provide a High Quality, non duplicate Links List with tens of thousands of URL’s and growing. Since our list is updated twice every week, we weed out the dead URL’s and add new sites, making our list highly effective. Subscribe today and get instant access!

All lists are available 24/7 to you as a subscription for only $29.99 a Month or $75.00 for 90 days. You may sign up and login with the links above.

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